08 July 2009

Melanie's Worth: Part Five

"So, you don't know if you slept with him but that he definitely was there at your flat all night, how out where you?" Thara pointed out.
"Well, I woke up in my own sick... I think it's my own sick," pondered Melanie.
"Well, if you threw up surely then you would have remembered if you had more then a tussle... so what does he look like with no clothes on?" Thara asked.
"Well, all I can remember is him coming out of the shower in just my towel but it's like every woman for herself because he is absolutely gorgeous, I just wanted to run my fingers down his chest..."
"I'm sure you want to do more then that Mel... I still can't believe you don't remember, how can you forget hotness like that!" Thara said giggling.
"I know... it was awkward saying goodbye, I doubt I'd see him again... errrrr... I'm so annoyed." Melanie said.
"Maybe you didn't have sex with him because you're a grumpy cow," Thara giggled again.
"Gee thanks Thara, I knew I could count on your support," Melanie said sarcastically and took a sip of her warm Cappacino.
Melanie strolled into the office, it was a sunny Wednesday morning and she decided to wear a floral dress for the occasion. She had nicked it from Thara because she loved the flower design and it clung to her every curve and went out at the bottom which gave her a sexy yet serene image. She had put on a canvas jacket over it and matched it with simple flat sandals. As she approached her desk and dumped her bag down, she noticed that Gemma was not at her desk where she should usually be. Melanie looked out and noticed for the first time that the office was too quiet and that something was definitely wrong. She decided to go for a walk and that at the far side of the floor, noticed a crowd of women and a few men were congregating outside a boardroom. She approached closer and saw Gemma stealing a look inside.
"What is going on?" Mel asked.
"It's Gloria Worthington, she's come here looking for a representative..." Gemma volunteered.
"Why?" Melanie dumbfounded.
"Because her husband is tarnishing her reputation, they're going through a divorce and she wants the best PR agent to do some damage control," Gemma said biting her lower lip, "I wonder who it'll be."
"Well, it better not be me... I have too much going on at the moment to be dealing with yet another feuding couple. Anyway Gemma, I'm sure we'll get a memo about this, can you get back to work... I need you to do a few things for me."
A few minutes later as Melanie got settled into work and was writing up an email, the red intercom button flashed on her phone console. It was the big Boss. She finished her call and hung up and pressed the red button.
"Hi Clarice, yes, of course, I will be there." She hung up and straightened up her dress and made her way towards Clarice's office, she sort of knew first hand what this was about and she wasn't looking forward to it.
She sat down at the offered seat and came face to face with Gloria Worthington.
"Ms Worthington, would like you to represent her," Clarice said, "She is been portrayed in the media in an unsightly way and she asked for the best when she came here and I'm giving her the best, you, naturally."
"Okay. What exactly is going wrong?" Melanie asked, a little perplexed.
Gloria didn't even wait for Clarice's explanation, she dived right in, "My ex-husband to be is being a right bastard, I hate him but I love him but at the same time, I want to give him nothing... I'm just angry, I need someone to salvage my reputation because that's all I've got!"
Melanie kept a straight face but she didn't feel any sympathy for her at all, she recognised a drama queen when she saw one and this one could join the long list.
"And whom is your ex husband?" Melanie asked.
"Sam Worthington!" Gloria said bitterly.
Melanie's eyes shot up and she stared at Gloria and realised now, why she hadn't latched on. This just couldn't get any worse, could it?
"Do you know him?" Gloria asked.
"Only in magazines," Melanie replied.